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What is the procedure for getting my plans approved prior to construction?
House plans and plans for other structures such as boat docks, fences, etc. must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for approval prior to construction. 
Please be sure you are familiar with the Brigadoon Covenants & Restrictions.  Contact the ACC at for additional information.

Where can I purchase a Brigadoon mailbox and address plate?
Brigadoon mailboxes can be purchased at Coble's Ornamental Iron, Inc.  (
which is located at 3525 Florence Blvd, Florence, AL 35634. Phone: 256-248-4926 )
[Coble's is the original manufacturer for the Brigadoon mailboxes and iron work in the subdivision]

Brigadoon mailboxes can also be purchased at Jennings Iron Works ( which is located at 2809 3rd Ave NW, Huntsville, AL 35805. Phone: 256-533-1000

Both vender's hand make the mailbox which take 8-12 weeks to receive. They are near identical and cost approximately the same.

Mailbox address plaques are Whitehall ( item 2314 BS. The color is a black background with silver letters and border. This is a double sided hanging address plaque, two line with 2" high numbers centered at the top and 1" letters below with the street name. They may be ordered directly from Whitehall @ 800-728-2164.

What day is household waste collected?
Household waste is collected each Wednesday.  Watch for announcements in the local newspaper for adjustments on weeks with holidays.
Please put your household waste at the end of your driveway prior to 8:00 am.
Please promptly collect cans on Wednesday evenings or make arrangements with neighbors if you will not be home.

If you have large items to dispose of such as furniture or yard waste, you can take them to BFI just off Hwy 72. Contact BFI at 256-729-8505 (There is a small fee per truck load.)

Recycling curb-side pickup began in Brigadoon on June 23, 2009 and ended in Quarter 1 of 2018. You may take your recycling to the bins located at Clements School. 

Household trash collectors will not pick up yard waste.

What is the "Lot Maintenance Program"?
Brigadoon Owners Association, Inc. offers a maintenance program to lot owners. This includes mowing and small debris cleanup of pre-construction properties throughout the season (April-October). Owners who choose to participate in lot maintenance should contact for more information. The cost of the mowing season is determined at the beginning of each year and is listed on the annual assessment billing.

What is the Brigadoon Group email?
The Brigadoon group email is an email address that allows registered owners to send email or receive email from other owners in the Brigadoon community. Much of the Brigadoon communication is accomplished via the group email list. In order to receive emails please contact the BOA Webmaster at to request that your address be added to the group email list.

How do I become a member of the Brigadoon Pool?
Go to the Members Only area of this web site for pool information.

How can I access the members only section of this web site?
Brigadoon home owners and lot owners may have access to the members only area of this web site.  You may request access by accessing the members page and selecting request access.


Brigadoon Board of Directors:

Jeff Weissman, President

Bill Stirling, Vice President

Gail Springer, Treasurer

Lester Jones, Secretary

Danny Evans, Special Projects

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